Journey with me

May 11, 2015

Let's walk back in time.  When men were still boys, women were girls, and families were young.    Music was unformed; just random notes, not connected.  Pages of books were still blank.  Words were not ready to emerge from the page.  Canvases were unpainted.  Sculptures had not emerged from blocks of marble.

Close your eyes and travel to the past with us.  Before songs were written, inventions imagined, and athletes were unaware of their potential skill and talent.  Journey to the places of birth, death, and life.  Where people created, lived, loved, and worked.  Walk where presidents lived before they were politicians, be where a symphony was composed, and observe the room where one of the greats was born.

Come with us on this trip - visiting the homes of history.  These are the places where the famous and infamous could be found, and where music and literature found its beginnings to later spread throughout the world. 

Stroll in the past.  Imagine yourself there with those that have come before.  Contemplate these moments in time.  Remember these special places so they will not be forgotten.

Category: Historic Homes